TTM's CEO & Senior Tutor



I am currently working as a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Biomedical Scientist (BMS) in London’s largest pathology organisation. Being a Biomedical Scientist has given me the opportunity to play a role in adding in the treatment of many patients, as well as training other healthcare professionals. HCPC registration requires both academic training in the form of a Biomedical science degree and professional on the job training. During my time as a healthcare professional I have educated a range of visitors and staff with all spectrums of abilities.


Prior to my current employment, I worked at an educational institution aiding students in increasing their knowledge and competency in KS3 & KS4 science. This positive and meaningful experience led me to work with pupils for over five years providing assistance both online and in person teaching Mathematics, Science and French. During this time, I gained insight into various learning styles and journeys. This enabled me to create learning plans for the students based on individual needs, learning styles and strengths. This style of teaching engages students to unlock their potential themselves and find methods to motivate, grow and develop, enabling students to learn quickly, garners a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

The one-on-one tuition that I provide in a comfort filled environment yields massively positive results. I have seen first hand that even small well focused attention in learning can result in positive attitude towards lifelong learning and improved grades.

As a result of working with the students individually many of their predicted grades have been improved by up to two gradings, with an improvement of confidence seen amongst the students.


Having spent much of my formative years in Belgium I am a native french speaker, and highly proficient in reading and writing french.

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